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Life expectancies for people living with HIV have increased greatly since Magic announced his own diagnosis in 1991.
"I walk in the office and he started talking about the test," Johnson says. "And what came out of the physical was, 'You
"You can do it all at home. You can get a person close to you, whether it's a girlfriend or a close friend, and say, 'Let's
Over the years, many celebrities have opened up about their health issues. There are countless stars who have battled cancer
While the picture maaaybe could have passed for a shot of the former Lakers player giving blood, it was really nothing of
OraQuick, which received approval by the Food and Drug Administration earlier this year, produces results in 20 minutes and
In Houston, Rev. Timothy Sloan went as far as taking a test of his own, in conjunction with the NAACP unveiling its own signature
When Magic Johnson announced to the world that he was infected with HIV in November of 1991, he instantly became the face
I remember we all huddled around a 20-inch newsroom black and white television on wheels to watch Johnson's announcement.
"If I knew what I know now, I wouldn't have retired," he said. (WATCH VIDEO AT TOP) Johnson played in the NBA for 13 seasons
“For the kids, that’s why I am gonna be a spokesperson for this HIV virus. I want them to understand that safe sex in the