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"I just want people to feel good in their bodies — because we deserve it."
"I don’t think that I’ve seen a big screen movie that focuses on female pleasure…ever."
The "Magic Mike XXL" star didn't hesitate in schooling a reporter about over-generalizing.
This film is evidence that the days of Hollywood catering to a image of sad-eyed little girls who can only enjoy fairy tales and puppies are over, and women are finally going to be getting a little bit more of what we want.
Magic Mike XXL works because the comedy is placed in the right moments and when it is time to "Take It Off!", the comedy is dropped and sheer passion oozes from the screen. Seconds? Count me in!
From "Magic Mike XXL" to Nicki Minaj, pop culture is finally recognizing that women deserve sexual pleasure.
While “Magic Mike XXL” has been praised for its feminist themes since its release last week, the film also tackled some stereotypes
How do we celebrate our male allies without silencing women who are doing the work?
Female viewers flocked to the theaters to watch “Magic Mike XXL” when the flick hit the big screen last week. And many of
Talk of a meetup started with Tatum answering a question that Gay submitted to Daily Life, an Australian outlet. She wanted