magic mushrooms

"It’s not the ’60s and I’m not a hippie. Neither am I in my experimental teens or 20s. Yet here I am: a mom on mushrooms."
The Northern California city follows Denver in decriminalizing psilocybin.
If the initiative passes, Denver would become the first U.S. city to legalize psilocybin.
Thousands of people reported using these drugs last year, and 1 percent or less sought medical attention.
A new crowdfunding campaign seeks to raise $2 million to advance promising research that the government has largely neglected.
There's more to these little fungi than a trippy concert experience.
The Phase 3 trials will involve hundreds of patients across the country. If they are successful, the Food and Drug Administration
Absolutely. There's BPD and then the other obvious example is social anxiety disorder. And then there's also depression. If
The animals may have eaten the psychoactive fly agaric mushroom, which grows in the area.
HuffPost Live investigates the drugs raising havoc in our society today. We talked about some of the better known drugs like heroin and the new ways of looking at and helping addicts, and looked at some of the newcomers like Krokodil and Molly.
Attention fun guys and fun gals: It's time for some fungus. We here at Weird News headquarters strive each day to bring the
As ASAPScience's Mitchell Moffit says in the video, "Ultimately, scientists believe that the laws need to change around clinical
For centuries, "magic" mushrooms have been both celebrated and reviled for their mind-expanding properties.
We've all heard recreational hallucinogen users describe their trips as "consciousness expanding," and according to some
Josh is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the effects of magical mushrooms on the brain on this week's Nerd's Forum.
British researchers have been exploring the potential of psilocybin to alleviate severe forms of depression in people who