magic of rahat

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Eric recently got his second boost of a lifetime when Rahat introduced him to his new house in an emotional reveal, during
Some critics have questioned why Rahat went to such great lengths to devise a prank when he could have just handed Eric the
An incredible act of kindness by one YouTube user was met with a heartwarming twist.
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Drive thru workers of the world, UNITE! Stand up against this prankster Rahat and his continued campaign of aggression against
YouTube prankster and magician Rahat just won't stop terrorizing – ok, delighting – fast food workers. In his latest drive
We've all been here before: which cart at the supermarket or store do you choose? If you choose right, you're on your way
The pranksters of The Magic of Rahat are up to no good again. But have no fear, it's nothing to lose your head over... or
A skeleton pulls up to a drive-thru window... No, it's not the opening of a joke, but is actually the premise of the latest
Rahat and Jack Vale are back with another photo prank, this time doing the inverse of their popular imaginary friend gag
When the reaction from the people you're pranking is "I gotta Instagram this joint!" your days of fooling them may be over
This is the third video of a magician named Rahat pranking drive thru workers with his floating cup trick, but their reactions