Magic realism

How did such a beautiful disaster get created? I reached out to writer Judith Roberts and director Mark Tarlov, who are married, to find out.
Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman “Superb. Just the thing for the literate fantasy lover and the student of comparative religion
When one thinks about threads within contemporary painting and especially the post-Pop genre of Magic Realism, Leonardo da Vinci doesn't come up all that often -- but then neither does egg tempera, the delicate but rewarding pigment formula da Vinci used to paint the Last Supper mural.
The sun was up. A weekday. Seemed the perfect moment to cycle over to see the new blockbuster exhibit of Diego Velasquez, the 17th century Spanish master whose works are scarcely known in France.
The One I Love is one of those perfect indie gems you feel lucky for finding, and it's yet another example of how an interesting premise, real emotion, and a few great actors will trump big budgets, special effects, and star power every time.
Thirty years ago I lived García Márquez. Maybe I need 70 more years to get to know the solitude.
Exhibition Spotlight is an at-a-glance look at an exhibit we think you should check out. WHERE: Wall Space Gallery 113 West
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Michael Douglas gives a gripping performance in Solitary Man rivaling his work in the sleeper Wonder Boys.