People with high or low levels of magnesium had a higher risk of developing dementia later on in life.
Zinc, a mineral that makes your skin and disposition glow, is found predominantly in foods vegans don't eat -- except for
As women enter their 30s, their priorities shift. Fertility, healthy pregnancies and energy are still major goals for the
Eating X amount of fruits and veggies every day is recommended, but that doesn't mean you are getting all that you need. There are many nutrients that we are told most adults aren't getting enough of, and it could cause long-term issues if gone untreated.
Significant strides have been made to better understand the role of magnesium and its therapeutic effect on a number of medical conditions, making more effective treatments a likely potential.
A good night's sleep is one of the most effective tools known to enhance mental and physical stamina. A chronic lack of sleep can be linked to certain symptoms, including poor concentration, dizziness, headaches, weight gain, depression and general fatigue throughout the day.
A study will support the benefit of certain supplements in one type of patient but show harm when the same supplements are taken by another group or people with different medical conditions. The key is to know the difference.
Although Dr. Engelman says, "It's almost impossible to overdose on magnesium by supplementing," you should still be cautious
By Debbie Strong Few people are aware of the enormous role magnesium plays in our health: It's important to nearly every
Long underestimated, vitamin D is much more than just a bone fortifier; there's strong evidence that adequate levels can
Eat More Healthy Fats I've been a vocal cheerleader of the Mediterranean diet for years, and a 2013 study in The New England
Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and Dr. Michael Breus join Ricky to offer their best tips for better sleep.
Dr. Wei-Shin Lai and Dr. Michael Breus join Ricky to discuss why sleeping pills may not be so beneficial.
Corticosteroid treatment has been associated with many side effects. The most noted is increased loss of bone mineral density, causing a predisposition to osteoporosis.
If you'll remember from our prior posts, stress causes magnesium loss. If you learn nothing else from this series of essays
  When choosing Mg-rich foods, it's good to remember this phrase: "If it's green, it's got Maggie"--and that's because of
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I knew it was big news when I saw "calcium supplements" trending on my Yahoo browser. When was the last time you saw a dietary supplement up there with Kanye West and the other celebs you may or may not recognize? Not often, I bet.
Most people think that calcium is the most important factor in bone health. However, it's not well known that magnesium is necessary to convert vitamin D into its active form so that it can turn on calcium absorption.