The "Almost Famous" star will never look at a magnolia the same way again.
Even in progressive films, realistic representation of people in recovery Is missing.
The potency of the human voice has the power to move not only with its tone but also with its message. Beautiful vocals imbued with meaningful words creates an irresistible combination. Based out of Lakeland, Florida comes Michael McArthur, a soulful singer/songwriter.
He may be cinema’s biggest loser, but William H. Macy never fails to win our hearts. To celebrate this illustrious career
It's been absolutely magnificent to see nature blossom into splendor, and I wanted to capture these precious moments to share with you.
May I suggest that you mark your calendar for April 3rd, because that's when a foreign film which I love will be opening here..... for just one week, although I suspect it will be renewed if enough people express interest in seeing it after the word-of-mouth spreads.
There are films that make you want to run to the bookstore or, in reality, Any Jane Austen or Dickens adaptation. Atonement. Requiem for a Dream perhaps. Then there is Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's Inherent Vice.
There are so many good cupcakes in NYC. Don't stop at Magnolia!
Emerging market consumers exist in environments in which institutions designed to protect the economic and political interests of individuals are relatively immature.
Paul Zara, "The Ides of March" (2011) (Photo: Collider) Scotty J., Boogie Nights (1997) (Photo: Listal) The abrupt death
Her name is Philomena Lee and, as played by Judi Dench in what should be an Oscar-nominated performance, she's a deceptively ordinary older woman with a mission.
As Ed Park observes, "Hoban's prose is elegant even at its most brooding, loaded with enough precision-cut lines to fuel
The latest movie poster series from Alamo Drafthouse Cinema tips its hat to the original wunderkind of American film -- Paul
On the surface, Goon is an assembly-line underdog sports movie. And yes the film hits a handful of familiar story beats along the way. But there is a subtle intelligence to the picture, with characters that are far less broad than you'd expect and a screenplay that feels authentic.
Talking with Aimee Mann is a little like listening to her music. In the rhythm of her speech, her pursuit for the right word or the answer to the question at hand, you can hear traces of her songs.
Whenever possible I look to smaller, one-of-a-kind shops for the little treasures that loved ones will cherish forever. And New York City is the capital of the unique boutique!
A challenging and potentially unsettling film could have been made here. But Hobo with a Shotgun is too concerned with giving gore-hungry splatter-heads a trashy good time to bother with actually having something to say.
I understand why Susanne Bier's In a Better World won the foreign-language Oscar -- but I believe this was the better film.
Black Death may not have anything groundbreaking to say, but it remains a creepy and occasionally disconcerting period piece, and it establishes Christopher Smith as a genuine talent.
William H. Macy has a voice that could sell needles to a porcupine. He can say the word "Golly" and have it be rife with unspoken meaning and depth.