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One of the first celebrated female photojournalists knows your life.
"There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment."
Myles Little is a staff photo editor at Time Magazine since 2011. He is curating "The One Percent Show," an exhibit of documentary photos about wealth inequality that includes some of the best photographers in the world
Until June 12, Magnum Photos is offering signed prints of all of the images in the collection. In the meantime, a preview
To see how pictures can change the reality, and make the history, just take a look at before and after of an iconic photo taken by Elliott Erwitt unearthed in Magnum's "Contact Sheets" documentary.
Magnum Photos, an international photo agency founded by photographers like Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson, is coordinating
According to Wikipedia, between 1880 and WWII, Coney Island was the largest amusement park in the United States. That's quite
Morath, who hails from Austria, began her career in journalism back in the late 1940s, eventually winding her way to Magnum
Robert Capa, [Truman Capote and Jennifer Jones on the set of Beat the Devil, Ravello, Italy], April 1953. © Robert Capa/International
There was also subway crime. Lots of it. In the 1970s and '80s, the rate of robberies soared, and for your average straphanger
Each day leading up to the exhibition Capa In Color, which opens January 31, Magnum will match one of Capa's photographs
Take a stroll on the second floor of the Benaki Museum in Athens, and photographer Constantine Manos' exhibition will take you to a world of lost slowness. His peripatetic years in rural Greece, are captured in "A Greek Portfolio 50 Years Later,"
A heartfelt and original tribute to man's best friend, this collection focuses on Elliott Erwitt's distinctive photographs of dogs.
In May 2011, five photographers and one writer hopped on an R.V. and launched a two-week road trip from Texas to California. 1,750 miles and thousands of photographs later, the result of the "Postcards From America" road trip is a limited-edition book released this week.
See How Artists From John Chamberlain to Liam Gillick Inspired the Designs of London Fashion Week Ben Stiller and David Zwirner
The easy availability of free stock photography on the web today makes you wonder why anyone would even try to earn a living with a camera.
AUSTIN - Next week, the archive of Magnum Photos, which contains images by master photographers like Robert Capa, Henri Cartier