Mahatma Gandhi

He swore off salt (then later accepted it), shunned meat and had a weakness for mangos. But Gandhi never pushed his diet agendas on anyone but himself.
What is change? Is it deviating away from something? Is it a chance to make things better, perhaps improve on a situation
Transliterated as: Chief of the house of Raghu, Lord Rama, Uplifters of those who have fallen, Sita and Rama, Sita and Rama
Don't surround your resolutions by an arbitrary holiday that makes them unachievable. Don't set yourself up for disappointment
Senator Bernie Sanders now needs to make a decision. Should his movement be a fundamental movement, political movement, or both?
So many lives changed forever. Devastating for the families. Heartbreaking for the community. And what can we do? We can remind our young people that love is love. And that hate can be deadly.
If the past 20 years are a guide, Sino-Russian cooperation will result in a shared isolation of both countries' citizens from international civil society, international media and the Internet. A recent meeting between the two countries on Internet sovereignty was apparently motivated by a desire to protect against extremism, drug sales and the like. But the essence of it was two major nations getting together to compare notes on how to build walls.
Sometimes, great success is built on small acts - Oprah knew that, my grandfather knew that. In their consistent practice
At the risk of seeming mad, at the risk of failing, we must never stop seeking, "in a world suddenly too small for existing cosmologies, a reality large enough to contain what we have seen"...
Think about the places where you spend your time. If you're at the gym when disaster strikes do they have First Aid kits