Informal workers are essential contributors to the city and its functioning; therefore, improving their livelihoods is an
With the Oscars 2016 around the corner and the promise of more diversity by the year 2020 including women behind and in front of the camera, a change that was long overdue and finally is being challenged, there is still a need of more conversation about it.
By endorsing my daughter's entry into the babysitting business so unconsciously, was I contributing to the cycle of gender discrimination when it comes to childcare and housekeeping?
A look back at actress Lupe Ontiveros' long career of portraying maids and housekeepers.
Under Colombian law, domestic servants have the right to earn Colombia's minimum monthly wage, while their employers are required to pay for their benefits. This just doesn't happen.
Authorities did not immediately provide more details on the two people, though KABC-TV spoke with a man who said he was related
I could never see myself in a little French maid's outfit, except on weekends while doing my household chores, and I don't suppose I'll ever wear one because: (a) I probably couldn't find something like that in my size and (b) I don't speak French.
I recalled an incident at the Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai, where you can choose a 'princess' or a 'queen' package to pamper
I came, I saw, I "bideted." And neither the maid nor I will ever be the same again.
Twitter Reacts To Lupe Passing Lupe Ontiveros has died. She was 69. Ontiveros, who built her career on playing immigrant
We had two cleaning ladies, Mary and Nancy, a pair of sisters who alternated their weekly visits. One day, Nancy came to work in tears, unable not to cry in front of my mother. "They gonna take Mary's kids away," she sobbed.
Being forced into domestic servitude is one of the most common forms of human trafficking. Yet it remains one of the most invisible, including meager media coverage and law enforcement efforts.
I recently sat down with one of my comedy idols: Albert Brooks. We talked about what goes on behind closed doors in New York Hotel Rooms, and why people keep raping maids.
The resurgence of rich people has triggered a rebirth elsewhere in the industry. "When we hit last summer, that's when all
Being a housekeeper doesn't exactly put you on equal footing with the wealthy and powerful when you are in "their" space. So when you're stuck in a bedroom with them, what are your defenses?
“What we see on a daily basis is women hurting their backs and ruining spinal disks,” said Leigh Shelton of UNITE HERE. “Especially
ANTANANARIVO (AFP) -- Madagascar's government early Thursday flew home 86 women domestic workers from Lebanon who had been
However, I've had special access: I often bring TV shows to maid cafes, and photographed several for my Crazy Wacky Theme
"Slowly they reduced the quantity of food. They were throwing away food and I was hungry," she says. The water taps could
But high-profile sex scandals aren't the building's only controversies. Its generous rental arrangements with tenants have