mail-order brides

The show went from development to being canceled in just three days.
Imagine choosing a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to settle in a new land at behest of your King and country in order to marry and mother in the New World.
We all need to recognize that the term mail order bride is incredibly offensive and stigmatizing for any couple involved in an international relationship, regardless of the way in which they met.
The Mango Bride tells part of the story, through the lives of two Filipino women forced into exile by circumstances of their birth and dictates of Philippine culture.
What I found actually contradicts both proponents and critics of the notion of "traditional marriage." In fact, the only people who practice America's first marriage tradition are often the butts of jokes today.
A top official at an anti-domestic violence advocacy group that has been encouraging the House GOP to roll back protections
Everyone has something to offer. The older men represent security. The young Colombian women represent not dying alone. Everyone has needs.
My novel, The Little Bride, begins in a basement in Odessa, where 16-year-old maidservant Minna Losk is being given her "Look" - an examination to see if she's sufficiently "fit" (i.e., "virginal") to become a mail-order bride to America.
In spite of the identical contest instructions, The Bear's brand director, Rob Vavrek, told The Huffington Post that the
When the sexual currency of Filipina women is appropriated by everyone from American actors to Filipino nationals to H&M workers, something is not right.
While on the David Letterman program, I joked that I might need a "mail-order bride" to achieve the goal of having more children in my life. I believe that most people understood that this was a joke and took it as such.
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