Weird News
“I gotta deliver the mail, son!”
Good News
“Oh man, water and Gatorade. Thank God, thank you.”
This mailman fends off a group of aggressive turkeys on his route.
Good News
Because he couldn't buy books or a bus pass to the library, he'd been reading ads.
A former mail carrier in Kentucky was caught cutting corners on his route… when authorities found more than 40,000 pieces of mail hidden in his dead mother’s home.
Traveling the same route day-in and day-out, postal workers get to know the neighborhoods quite well. And it's that knowledge, as well as keen eyes, quick-thinking and a commitment to serve that seems to turn so many of them into everyday heroes.
Good News
In January, an Ohio mailman with a keen eye saved a resident on his route. Jason Jones noticed that the normally-friendly
There are a lot of perks to raising kids in a small Southern town like Greenwood, MS. But if you asked my kids what the best part of living here is, they'd all list one thing in common in their top three things they love -- the mailman.
Small Business
So what if, with all this talk of deficits and national debt and budget overages, our government takes the unprecedented step of shutting down its mail services? Many small business would worry. But I say to my fellow small business owners: do not fear.
Henry was a paradox: He was the most ruthlessly efficient killer I have ever known (not that I hang around with murderers
WATCH: FOX8 reports from Akron. For almost 30 years, Keith McVey has delivered mail in the same neighborhoods of Akron, Ohio
Ordering pieces of sophisticated farming equipment through the mail has led to charges against David R. Huskey, 42, who is