Main Street

The tax plan currently being considered by Republican leadership is a broken promise.
Senate Republicans are squabbling over relative tax benefits for the richest companies.
Democrats were lining up to help Trump lift bank regulations. But that was before his latest jab at "Pocahontas."
In his best-selling Capital in the 21st Century, economist Thomas Piketty alerted us to the new aristocracy of wealth being
Unless we demolish the racist systems that continue to hold back black Americans, we cannot end the drug epidemic in America.
Remember when you visited Martha’s Vineyard and fell head over heels for every little street in the perfect New England beach
We decided to test the mainstream Democratic Party phobias.
Under Trump’s plan, tax-dodging banks would pay even less.
Co-authored by Larry Kirsch, Managing Director, IMR Health Economics In the wake of the recent election, the mind-boggling
You are angry about jobs going overseas and leaving you with a low-paying, no-benefits job in the service industry. You are angry about your community being hollowed out because of those lost jobs and shuttered factories.
Undergoing the RNC Convention I felt like I was witnessing an Orgy of the Reptilian Brain. Words that come to mind are the following: Venom; hatred; anger; denial (not a word spoken about the most important issue of our time, climate change or any other issue about a world other than the human world); anthropocentric narcissism and so on.