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A 4-year-old girl was also found unharmed inside the house.
Police also arrested Erika Hall, 20, and charged her with hindering apprehension after she told officers that Wallace was
The information that states send the federal government through the voluntary system also is severely lacking. She said the
At about the same time, the nearby home owned by his parents was destroyed in a fire. No one was injured. Valle's vehicle
In the mugshot taken at the August booking, can be seen holding the slate in such a way that his shirt is visible. According
He had a package for the mailman, but it wasn't well received. Nathan Harrington, 38, received a criminal summons for indecent
A deputy in North Carolina got into a high speed chase with Landry on May 7. Landry tried to flee from the officer, who wanted
She allegedly used laptops and cameras to secretly record the sexual encounters with the clients, prosecutors said. "We did
The parents face unspecified drug charges. Authorities operating a drug sting in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, found Amico caring
In addition, the spokesman said the company has not determined whether Courtois did in fact attend the movie on Saturday
"This isn't 'CSI' where everything is solved in 60 minutes. Some cases require a great deal of time and effort," he said
Watchmen check prisoners' cells every 15 minutes, but L'Italien arranged his bunk to make it look like someone was tucked
DiPietro got custody of the girl when Trista entered rehab for substance abuse, according to The AP. Ayla disappeared the
Trista Reynolds also questioned DiPietro's parenting prior to the disappearance of their daughter. "I have to believe that
"We need more than just us," he told reporters. "We need the help of the general public out there." "There are two possibilities
Police Detective Bryant Jacques gathered one of Mercier's cigarette butts, according to the affidavit. Mercier, a laborer
The Lewiston Sun Journal said that, "The boy tried to take the backpack from [Principal] Poulin, pushing him backward and