mainstream media

As established media is accused of producing “fake news” by Donald Trump and other world leaders, the 94-year-old monarch’s message was a rare tribute.
The president told reporters that social media has “unchecked power” and has ceased to be a "neutral public platform."
The president launches a new attack on the First Amendment.
When Trump first "called us ‘fake news’ it was, in his mind, an act," CNN's White House reporter says in his new book.
Trump said the mainstream media was "truly the Opposition Party" and accused it of working with Democrats.
"Mainstream Media must clean up its act, FAST!" the president tweeted after CNN and prominent Democrats were targeted.
Photo of the president, waving, exposes mainstream media's "hatefulness" and "propaganda," he fumes.
Even more than lauding the president, Trump voters' first reaction is to pan the media
“I’m not saying you love the tragedy, but you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold.”
Including... "the least racist person you have ever interviewed."
And the award for Most Failingest Newspaper goes to...
Project Veritas' failed WaPo sting operation was the organization's latest attempt at exposing alleged "corruption."
President Trump amped up attacks on the mainstream media last month with an email to Republican supporters where he once
The Fox News host also singled out MSNBC's Joe Scarborough.
How do you feel about the allegations that President Donald Trump attempted to interfere in former FBI Director James Comey’s
"I want people that run CNN to be arrested and deported or hanged," he says after anti-Muslim rant.