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I spoke with Major Crimes cast member Jon Tenney, who plays Fritz Howard, on how the lifestyle of an actor and struggle to rise has led him to develop empathy with those who are homeless.
The beautiful actress and GRAMMY award winning singer, Dawnn Lewis is just as busy as ever these days.
It was the setting of that most-loved "I Love Lucy" scene of Lucy's stalking and gawking Bill Holden. Hundreds of stars were
Of course, nothing would give "Major Crimes" a bigger boost than a Kyra Sedgwick cameo. Sedgwick left “The Closer” last year
Eric McCormack joins Josh to discuss how he wound up starring on "Will & Grace" and how he initially auditioned for the role on Ross on "Friends".
Major Crimes is staging a major classic TV reunion. EW has learned that TV (and all-around) stars Tim Conway (The Carol Burnett
What a great week for the summer shows on cable! Leading the pack is the series fit for a king, the USA Network's Royal Pains.
Reel Life With Jane felt bad for Raydor, writing that she's "caught between a rock and a hard place with Rusty’s case. She
In the next-to-last episode of Major Crimes, our division encounters various criminals gaming the system, and though nearly everyone gets exposed in the end, it's unclear whether cheaters utterly fail to prosper.
Every now and then we put together a show that stands out from the rest of our work and achieves one-of-a-kind status. That would describe this week's offering, "Dismissed with Prejudice."
Season 2 of "Major Crimes" is scheduled to debut summer 2013. Captain Sharon Raydor is staying on the beat because TNT has
It is hard to begin these blogs with an apology, but I have missed two of the ten I intended to write, and (though I hate excuses) perhaps I should offer some explanation.
The attempt to impose fairness, no matter how well intentioned, usually fails. That is part of why the justice system endlessly fascinates.
The "NCIS" star played Thorn, a life coach -- make that "intuitive life strategist" -- who was apparently so dedicated to
It costs a lot more money to execute a murderer in California than it does to lock them up for life.
Tune in to see the softer side of Captain Raydor on "Major Crimes" every Monday at 9 p.m. ET on TNT. The gambit is certainly
Provenza was ready to be done after only two episodes, declaring in this week's episode that he was going to quit. He went
"Perception has captured the imagination of TNT’s audience of armchair detectives with wonderfully intricate cases, emotionally
More than 9 million viewers tuned in to watch Kyra Sedgwick give her final "Thank yew" in the series finale of "The Closer