Major depressive disorder

While the presidential candidate kept trying to explain "normal human despair," the CNN anchor grilled her about comments related to clinical depression.
My depression is a part of my life that I have to manage continually, like my weight or my sobriety.
Depression is often associated with sadness, but there's another emotional response that gets little attention.
It's time to stop believing these misconceptions.
Doyin Richards is an author and father of two girls. He was diagnosed with clinical depression. It was only within the last few years that he has shared his struggle with mental illness, and when he did, he was surprised by the overwhelming support within his community.
Mental illnesses are as colorful as they are dark and as deep as those uneducated about them seem shallow. Too often, they remain faceless, minimized, stereotyped, and overwhelming.
It has taken me this long and a dream Ph.D. separation just to get to a conjecture, but at least reasonable conjectures breed solutions, whatever they turn out to be. I already feel less depressed because I am finally taking action. I can almost hear silence again. The road back is less noisy as a result. This in itself makes all the trying and failing, and trying again worthwhile.
Yet as Dr. Richard Byng, a psychologist at the U.K.'s Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry and
The growing body of evidence has emboldened doctors to begin prescribing Ketamine for depression, despite the fact that the
In what cases have we seen infectious agents affect mood and behavior? In more concrete, clinical terms, what it could mean
Depression isn't just diagnosable in adults, either. Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder is a new classification in the
“I really believe that having an objective diagnosis will decrease stigma,” Redei, a neuroscientist and professor at the
The more fiercely I love, the brighter and more beautiful the world can appear. However, each time I feel that joy and connectedness, the more I fear and mourn its loss, even while I still have it. It is in that empty pause that depression is born.
Six months ago I published a book about depression. In addition to describing my own battles with the beast, I spent a great deal of time explaining in layperson's terms the diagnoses for different mental illnesses as well as the theoretical bases behind prescription drugs, counseling, herbs, supplements, and various "natural" therapies.
So in a few days, I need to figure out a way to bring my job out there into my world. That's my medicine, I think -- my town and the people in it. Just to be near them, to look at their faces and maybe smile and get a smile back.
This holiday season has made grievers of us all, as we mourn the victims of this latest shocking instance of our national epidemic of mass murder. In the midst of sorrow, three issues demand discussion.
2011-12-16-arakdjkfjkdjfkd.jpgDepressed people don't choose to be sick. They want to be well. Believe me, I know, because I know I'm sick -- but I also know that I am more than my disease.
I hope a lot of people see Helen because it is an important film and quite a cinematic experience. Ashley Judd's performance as the title character is nothing short of riveting.