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CBS correspondent Major Garrett is not sorry. Garrett, who has faced mounting criticism ― and some praise ― in the press
After Garrett defends a question as 'provocative.'
"That's nonsense. And you should know better."
Obama Scolds CBS' Major Garrett
Regardless of how he originally defined his mission as a transformational leader, President Obama has yet to transform America, and there are serious questions about how he will be remembered in history.
Oh, Major Garrett. The normally mild-mannered CBS White House correspondent usually makes the news for his reporting on the
Garrett asked Obama why, if he and presidents before him had signed negotiated bills over the debt ceiling, he was refusing
Major Garrett, the former veteran Fox News White House reporter, has become the new chief White House correspondent for CBS
So for all future debates, of both parties, consider just two ideas that would be simple and low cost -- but could be huge game changers. Imagine the effect on candidate comments and viewer responses.