Mainstream media has helped to cloud perceptions of the true causes of suicide terrorism. They've reinforced the perception that suicide bombing and other forms of terrorism are in some sense arguably justifiable.
We should candidly look at whether Mike Huckabee is getting a raw deal for granting clemency to the man who murdered four Lakewood, Washington cops this Thanksgiving weekend.
When campaigning for John McCain Lieberman actually declared Sarah Palin fit to be president. Yet, when it comes to the Fort Hood slayings, Joe Lieberman is spot on.
The military is a world of its own, and its psychologists and psychiatrists are doing nothing less than attempting to upend an entrenched culture.
Why was Hasan not booted out of the service he so ungratefully and desperately wanted to leave? In the absence of concrete answers, the media is left to speculate.
When a couple of white kids shoot up a school, it is a tragedy. Bring on a shooting at a military base that involves an Arab-American though, and the media does everything it can to shout "terrorism."
The relationship between the price of oil and the slaughter that took place at Fort Hood is hardly as far-fetched as it would appear.
When I first learned that members of the US military were being approached by Islamic clerics, I wasn't really surprised