Majora Carter

By Rich Stolz More and more Americans are coming to the conclusion that climate change is no myth at a time when the Trump
John Francis Environmentalists are true superheroes, literally saving the the world one sustainable cause at a time. In honor
It's morning in Syracuse, New York, and while the toxic partisanship of the past four years has left me wary, I'm leaning forward to that hopeful future for all of us.
Surrounded by barbed wire, with windows spattered with gun shot holes, and rusty old signs declaring "No Guns Beyond this Point," it takes a pure visionary like Majora to see the possibility of transforming this vessel of pain and suffering into a green, sustainable, mixed income housing complex.
When you think of the major problems facing this country today the environment and employment immediately come to mind. Majora
What's gone wrong in the Bronx to make a conference about food access necessary?
Through Architecture For Humanity's "Do A Latte Good" campaign, you can bid on coffee with one of our great supporters, and in return they'll contribute to help reconstruction efforts post-Typhoon Ketsana.
Last week I found myself in Brooklyn's Borough Hall sitting behind the courtroom podium, watching passionate young entrepreneurs
Come down to the "graduation," and see some of the work - and talk to the students. Here's the info: Today, Tuesday, June
What if there were a way to save the Earth and strengthen the economy at the same time?
At 89, Pete Seeger is not only a reminder of our nation's history of turbulence and triumph, he is also an inspiration for our vibrant future.
Why aren't we trying to build monuments to hope and possibility, rather than tributes to our collective failures?
If a tree grows in a city and nobody is there to assess its ancillary benefits to society, is it worth anything? What folks
I think about how our "leaders" are limited in ways we are not. There's been some fancy rhetoric from Leader Pelosi, Sen. Clinton and others, but the actions of one person can be even more articulate.
Award-winning ad exec Rich Silverstein has created three powerful posters that simply but graphically capture the lunacy of the modern GOP. 2007-11-19-gfwgeirhiufh222.jpg