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Instead of using his wish for an extravagant trip or to meet a celebrity, Jared Andersen asked for upgrades to his school's gym.
This story started in November 2006 when I released the book Growing Up With Loukoumi. The children's book teaches kids that
YouTube holds great potential for nonprofits to engage younger demographics, increase visibility in search, and drive revenue via donations and monetization. So why are only 13% of nonprofits ranking video as a "very important" communication channel?
It feels great to see hope light up in the eyes of a beggar in the street as you stop to look at them when others pass them by without a glance. Their faces widen in a smile as you reach into your pocket and take out your wallet.
See below for an exclusive "making of" video that captures the beautiful Neshama and FableVision Studios collaboration so
You're generous and kind. You care about other people and want to help them have great lives. You want to make a positive impact on the world and give from your heart to worthy causes. You're a great person!
Make-A-Wish builds pathway for Kellan Tilton so he can move around his family's property with ease.
I make this decision because I am a proud proponent of "effective altruism" - a movement which values evidence and reason when choosing how best to direct our efforts to improve the world.
"What did I learn from my experience with cancer? It was not fun, but it gave me the ability to handle things better. Life can be hard, but you have to push through it and trust that God is in control. Give thanks to God every day for what you have. And do your best with it."
Levi's mom Rebecca Drake told WTHR that even in her son's toughest moments, Emma never fails to make him smile. "Just having
H/T Buzzfeed Three-year-old Juniper a.k.a "Juni" and her pal Violet are both battling a rare type of cancer called retinoblastoma
The children receiving the donation were grateful for Natalia's generosity and helped make her soup recipe while learning