make it work

It's the feminist musical parody we never knew we needed.
In a new video for the Make It Work campaign, "Orange Is the New Black" actress Adrienne C. Moore takes that question and
The data show that while men have made significant progress on both fronts, our actions do not match our intentions -- leaving us more "locked into" work and less involved at home than we'd like.
The dress has been purchased, the colors are set, the invitations have been sent, and the DJ has been contracted. Just as you start to relax, it happens...
If you're not familiar with fashion jargon, sometimes the conversations between stylish speakers can sound like a foreign
Some denim was turned into things that shouldn't ever be denim. For example, a wedding dress.
When all the models file out, they have crazy, crazy hair. Beehives, buns, you name it. Heidi says the challenge is to create an outfit based on the hairstyle: "something artistic and conceptual."
Prom dresses: it's like the wedding dress challenge but 10 years younger and 100 times less rational. Genius!
Heidi (still not pregnant!) comes out and introduces the models...and out parade Normal Women, in giant outfits. Must the shades of couture be thus polluted? Where are the fashion police?
Male models pour into the design area. I actually gasp. Can my little heart take any more?
Elisa creates a very strange dress; the next day she does some crazy yoga moves. I predict her zen demeanor cracks one day and she flips big time. I can't wait, of course.