make out

And that's how you say goodbye. It's hard to believe "Parks and Rec" is actually ending, so to sign off in style, Chris Pratt
We don't want to judge, but wow, some people will make out with anything: [H/T Reddit] Keep in touch! Check out HuffPost
Zangeif got in a work-release program. This meant that he was allowed to work while in jail. At every shift, I drove to his restaurant and had sneaky makeout sessions with him. I'd be lying if I said that his sentence provided no additional thrill -- defiance is hot.
While we had them in the studio, we had to ask to the boys to explain some of their craziest tweets, from naked tweeting
Though Mazz tries to convince us that they have no idea what they're doing Sam reveals, "We've put together an hour-long
Will Smith and and his son Jaden recently ventured into ground-breaking territory as they became the most bizzarre make out
The POTUS and FLOTUS get the "kiss cam" right on their second try while attending a USA vs. Brazil basketball game
1 Dress to kiss "Costumes are highly encouraged," says Fuchs. "Wouldn't you love to make out with a unicorn or a pope?" She