Make-up artist

On "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the Dutch makeup artist said she was "thankful" in spite of having been "blackmailed" into speaking about her gender identity.
"I was born in the wrong body, which means I am transgender," said the 25-year-old makeup artist in an emotional 17-minute post.
"Trying to be zen," she wrote during a two-hour wait, but the tension became so unbearable that even Chrissy Teigen got involved.
“We are going for sparkle, not full-out Christmas robot.”
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Pablo Rodriguez never wanted to be a make up artist. Instead Rodriguez started off as a fashion designer only turning to make up 'to make a bit of extra money when fashion didn't pay.
Today I will be recreating a Katy Perry make up. I have actually decided to dedicate the month of May to this totally gorgeous lady as she is always fun and fearless with her make up which I believe are the two fundamental things to always be!
Since I have served as the make-up artist for so many people that have been (or for that matter are currently) embroiled in controversy, the opportunity to sell a story has always been there.