The show ultimately puts more emphasis on spending money than on building self-worth.
You can ask for her fried green tomato recipe, though -- made in an air fryer, of course.
HuffPost Style editor Michelle Persad and Dana Oliver join Julee and Caitlyn to break down this week's best dressed celebs.
Get ready to coral your porch clutter, banish your toiletry mess, and cure your hallway closet madness this instant, with these brilliant storage ideas from clever Hometalk bloggers.
In 2009, the EPA reported that 9.9 million tons of household waste was made up of discarded furniture, a number that has only grown in the past 6 years. But what most people see as trash, these 9 DIYers see as raw material
For many months, she was one of the only students at Unplug. In some of the afternoon classes, she was literally the only
Being on Oprah was like entering Fort Knox yet with a slight twist of being questioned by the FBI. Oprah herself was lovely, brilliant and much shorter than I expected. She was very pleasant and engaging although the interaction was brief.
With distance from the girl I used to be, I had space to figure out who I really was and what I really wanted -- and I wanted to be blonde.
There are six chairs that line the perimeter (there will be a seating area complete with a table of 200 faux lipsticks and
2) Wear the same makeup as you did 15 years ago. Makeup style, like clothes, changes. Your makeup can date you as quickly
Stiles and Walton aren't Harrison and Hepburn but they do keep you interested in their transformational story from start to finish.