Documentary film titan Sheila Nevins recounts what set her on a journey to becoming a feminist — having an abortion before Roe v. Wade.
While recently filling out a government form, I had to select a "vocation" box. I winced when I realized the the only box I could check was "homemaker." This was a first. I've had some sort of professional title the past seventeen years. Before that, I was a student. But now? I guess I'm a "homemaker."
They say necessity is the mother of invention and it also happens to be responsible for transforming Nicole Curtis from a
Nearly every American family's refrigerator is plastered with our children's wonderful creations. Children relish "making
Michelle Obama opens up in a powerful new video -- plus she ​*finally*​ joined Snapchat 😍
The more you know about the current state of the environment the harder it is to remain optimistic about the future. George W. Bush, however, gives me great hope for the future of the planet.
Hire a Traveler. Ok, I am biased, my passion for travel only grows more and more as I pursue it, but I'm here to tell you why.
There are infinite possibilities of where we can go when we choose to actively consider and participate in the changes that are happening all around us. Let's make something meaningful.
One of the amazing aspects of the design of a wasp nest is that while it is made of many individual cells, each cell has
Also, health care costs have to come down. Saws screech as people bend over work benches in the bright, cavernous space of
How women and men really feel about workplace sexism, according to a MAKERS/HuffPost survey.
How men and women really feel about women in politics, according to a MAKERS/HuffPost survey.
Over the past decade, the aftermath of military combat in Iraq and Afghanistan has seen an increase in the number of veteran amputees. Female veterans face additional challenges as standard prosthetics tend to be ill suited for their bodies, which are naturally narrower at the shoulder and wider at the hips.
Maker Faire Rome, in its third year and already a tradition, had a hundred thousand visitors. Students were the protagonists this year: the huge fair was held all over the wide campus of the Sapienza University of Rome.
The fact that millions of Americans are building airplanes in their garage, meeting at makerspaces to work with strangers on customized robots, and collaboratively solving society's problems at hackathons, is a beautiful thing.