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The former presidential nominee also said that standing up for women's rights "is the unfinished business of the 21st century."
Is she worried about backlash? No. “F**k them,” the feminist icon said during a conference on women's empowerment.
Watch HRC issue a powerful challenge to women across the nation.
The MAKERS Conference brings together hundreds of trailblazing leaders, shining a light on issues ranging from violence against women to inclusion of men — ultimately creating a bold agenda that flips the script and creates lasting impact.
In what Tchen referred to as the "culmination of the last seven years," she spoke on the White House's just-announced, United State of Women summit. Slated for May 23, the summit will be the first-ever dedicated to women and girls.
"It’s no surprise that the best thing to be in this country is white and male. So what about all the rest of us?"
Never underestimate the power of women coming together.
Whose business is it, anyway? Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I want to experience child birth. Just because I am the youngest of eleven doesn't mean I want a bunch of kids. I love inspiring and teaching children. I don't want any of my own. And, I'm not alone.
"I'm not a dreamer, I'm a 'hopeaholic.'" And with those words, the inimitable Gloria Steinem set the tone not just for the inaugural 2014 Makers Conference, but also for a moment in time filled with great progress... and promise.
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