making a difference

All around the country, every day, unsung heroes are making a difference in people’s lives — conducting vital research, making
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What is change? Is it deviating away from something? Is it a chance to make things better, perhaps improve on a situation
Remember, love is something that can be easily transferred to others, with very little effort. Love is after all, a choice.
1. Cut the hyperbole. Thankfully, our founders were really smart, and they built the foundation for a great nation, with
As I matured, became a teenager and then a college student, I began to look around and saw a much bigger picture.
You take care of her today and when your shift is over, write a paper on the challenges this patient faces and the role of
One such individual is Aaron Bigler Lefebvre, an AmeriCorps VISTA member serving with NeighborWorks of Western Pennsylvania
Valerie Grison (Give Us The Floor): It depends on how large they want to have an impact: • A small group of friends can implement
We are our own answers to prayers of compassion, understanding, safety, decency and peace. We each have a responsibility to be the change that's being called forth. We can't become paralyzed.
This antiquated dichotomy of "us versus them" needs to stop. How many more lives need to be lost before we realize there are better solutions out there? How many more mothers and daughters need to cry before we stop the killing?