making marriage work

A couple whose marriage is at a turning point -- with only four days to decide if they're going through with divorce proceedings
Your wedding may be the best night of your life, but when the party is over, creating a partnership is hard work. "Merging
While the idea of receiving sex advice from your grandma might seem a little uncomfortable, you should definitely listen
Watch the clip above to learn about their innovative approach to marriage, and see the full segment on HuffPost Live. For
Yes, I know the show is a bit extreme, voyeuristic, and, well, often a little silly, but when my husband and I were staring into the marital abyss, I learned a valuable lesson from "Divorce Court" that helped me out at home.
Many couples expect their first year of marriage to be nothing short of a fairy tale and are caught by surprise when the first year proves to be filled with challenges as opposed to an extended period of honeymoon bliss.
Perhaps the most lethal thinking trap and single biggest premature killer of many long-term relationships is believing that someone else can make us happy and fix our brokenness.