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They're particularly useful for people who live in remote areas and struggle to get access to medical care.
Mosquito nets have had the greatest impact in preventing malaria.
More than 6 million lives have been saved.
Every day, 1,200 children succumb to malaria, deaths that could easily be prevented with effective and low-cost interventions
But people there say that the combination of a lack of information, and rampant hunger has led Africans to use the nets for
"This is a milestone," Sanjeev Krishna of St George's University of London, who reviewed the paper, told the BBC. A malaria
About 3.3 million lives have been saved because of international malaria control interventions, the World Health Organization
While we celebrate this accomplishment, we need to remember how wily this enemy is. Malaria is an ancient scourge that has killed millions upon millions of people.
As a global community, our fates are often more intertwined than we like to imagine. Controlling malaria isn't only a prospect of preventing needless deaths, it is an economic imperative.
Globally, more than 90 countries today are malaria-free, with an additional 26 en route to achieving that status. Still, eliminating malaria in Africa is a challenging goal.
While malaria can be prevented by sleeping under an insecticide-treated bed net, for residents of the Mbala area development program, finding money to purchase a bed net is almost impossible.
Twenty-four of Hollywood's hilarious darlings got together with CollegeHumor to launch Malarious, a collection of short and
The development of the world's first vaccine against malaria is an extraordinary scientific breakthrough, but there are several reasons to be cautious about the difference this vaccine could make, on the basis of current results.
We have never had a vaccine for a parasitic disease, and the scientific complexity is dizzying. But at this week's Malaria Forum, I was pleased to announce the interim results of a trial for a vaccine candidate.
Killing about 800,000 people a year, most of them children under the age of 5, the malaria epidemic is far from over.
Over a dozen of Tanzania's brightest stars have come together for the Zinduka! Malaria Haikubaliki campaign to raise awareness