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The preliminary report, published on Tuesday, said MH17 crashed due to external objects penetrating the fuselage and that
The U.S. government "knows a lot more" than it's letting on about the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash and is "likely hiding [the] truth," according to former Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).
This isn't the first time that Paul has accused the government of spreading "propaganda" following the MH17 crash. As The
PERTH, April 6 (Reuters) - International search planes and ships are heading to an area where a Chinese ship twice heard
This is breaking news. Check back later for updates. "This is a remote location ... it is therefore with deep sadness and
"It then flew in a westerly direction back over peninsular Malaysia before turning northwest. Up until the point at which
All we know for sure is that a plane went down with no warning or communication from the crew. That the crash did not happen during takeoff or landing -- the phases of flight when most accident occur -- somewhat limits the possibilities, but numerous possibilities remain.