malcolm butler

Belichick and Brady are everything.
This week began with "The Horrible Call" finally deflating "Deflategate" in a thrilling Super Bowl that ended up being the most-watched program in U.S. television history. Though Patriots rookie Malcolm Butler stole the main event, the halftime show's breakout star was Left Shark, Katy Perry's more-funny-than-fearsome, freelancing dancer. On Wednesday, the Obama administration scored big with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announcing strong net neutrality regulations, including "enforceable, bright-line rules" that would forbid Internet service providers from throttling connections or charging more for access to sites like Netflix. So now you won't have to pay through the nose to binge-watch the next season of House of Cards -- unless, of course, legislative loopholes are added during the sausage-making process, a la... House of Cards. Meanwhile, debate continues over Brian Williams and his personal "fog of war" -- though if the same level of skepticism and debate had been applied before the Iraq invasion, perhaps Williams, and the troops, wouldn't have been there in the first place.
We can all savor it, if we choose to. That's more easily done for viewers like me who, just a few hours earlier, had been noncommittal and teamless. Still, once the clock runs out on all the real-time Cinderella stories, we can conjure up glass slippers -- or cleats -- to fit any feet we want.
“That just made me realize how bad I wanted it and how bad I really needed it."