Malcolm D. Lee

From uproarious escapism to delicate romances, here are the year's must-see films.
It took a while, but 2017 finally has a real breakout comedy smash. Will Packer and director Malcolm D. Lee brought us Girls
8. The director Malcolm D. Lee and Spike Lee are cousins. 9. There is a woman barber and a South Asian barber in the shop
Nearly 15 years later, Malcolm D. Lee is back with The Best Man Holiday, the much-anticipated sequel to a film that is as important to the canon of black film as it is to audiences that love the film and what it represents.
Would you be interested in filming another “Best Man” sequel? It took two years from when I first presented it to the studio
One advantage of having more than a decade between the first film and its upcoming sequel has been the professional and personal
Throughout the storied history of American movies, there have been quite a few black filmmakers that have shaped society
If we as African-Americans are genuinely tired of Black men in drag, then let's act like it. Don't support it. Or at the minimum, make room in our disposable income to support more types of movies.