Malcolm Turnbull

Murdoch "got himself vaccinated as quickly as he could; he’s not a fool," while Fox News sells lies about the vaccine to people who will die, Malcolm Turnbull said.
Murdoch has created an echo chamber that propelled Trump into the White House, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.
Incumbent Malcolm Turnbull did not contest the party ballot.
The agreement reportedly occurred during the G20 meeting in Germany last July.
Barnaby Joyce says he will step down following weeks of pressure over an affair and claims of sexual harassment and corruption.
Barnaby Joyce's affair "appalled all of us," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said.
The prime minister wants to offer "the dignity to which they were entitled as children but which was denied to them by the very people tasked with their care."
It's the second group of refugees arriving under what Trump called a “dumb deal."
Australian Parliament celebrated the decision to legalize same-sex marriage by bursting into song.