male body image

This is what "attractive" looks like on six different continents.
Its sales actually grew after the new ads went out.
"It takes courage to reach out, and compassion to encourage other dudes to not feel ashamed."
It shouldn't be extraordinary for men to talk about having body image issues.
"If we all looked the same, I think that would be really boring," one participant concludes. The video reinforces the important
My definition of man is not measured in weight: the outrageous number you can lift in the gym, the heftiness of the diamond you slip on some materialistic finger. It is measured by your ability to stoically look down the barrel of vulnerability.
The series, titled "Lutteur," began while Coppejans was traveling in West Africa, seeking to meet and photograph members
We are much more ready to have average men posing for underwear ads than we are to have average men figure skate, style our hair, or even do ballet. But I don't want the average man to pose for underwear the same way I would not want him to do ballet.
Considering the pressures gay men face in their own communities to attain and retain a stellar physique, it is no surprise that gay men are more likely to develop eating disorders. So, what can be done to change the gay communities' perspectives on body image?
Brands like Dove and Aerie have already begun showing un-retouched, non-model female bodies in their advertisements, a small