male gaze

A group of students defended the professor, writing that she was "noting the importance of professionalism."
A Twitter challenge that puts the male gaze in reverse has become delightfully feminist.
The magazine that monetized the male gaze for 50-plus years now wants to have it both ways.
Writers are wrong to assume the male gaze affords privileges to "pretty" women.
Women learn about sex through the eyes of the world around them. They learn to see themselves through the desires of men and popular culture. Women grow up watching the story of sexuality being retold again and again through the eyes of the outsider instead of through their own bodies.
On Tuesday night, President Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to break new ground. He endorsed
A lot of women spend most of their lives tamping *down* their natural sensuality (how they like to dress, or move, or dance
Hello...The only word spoken in a five-stage immersion into the inner world of Brian Tennessee Claflin echoes through The Five Senses at SomoS.
Or, why art history needs more women painters and nude dudes.