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I know a lot of guys who hit 35-45 years old, get some grey in the beard, and shave the whole thing off. After 20-plus years with a beard, that's a pretty big difference in grooming practices!
It's no longer enough to just grow a beard. You need a good beard to keep up with the competition. Get serious about your grooming habits and make sure that the more beards other men grow, the more yours stands out.
5. Wear eye cream. The HuffPost Lifestyle editors let out a resounding "Amen" after reading Facebook user Carmen Daniela
Diana Schmidtke joins HuffPost Style Fashion Editor Michelle Persad, Senior Beauty Editor Dana Oliver and Caitlyn to talk this week's best beauty looks.
And when it comes to shaving, Donovan knows that doing the bare minimum isn't that ideal. "I realize now that when I train
Los Angeles Clippers center Deandre Jordan is "always powder-fresh during the games" because he spritzes his armpits with
The most distinguished style in male grooming today is the bearded gentlemen. Whether it's because of religious beliefs or just a part of a crafted image, the impression is felt on a global scale.
The Philips Norelco ad is funny and memorable largely because it confronts head-on what too much advertising for men's beauty products, particularly ones for the American market, try desperately to disavow, even as they're exploiting them: male vanity and sensuality.