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The super hot male models who help advertise his colorful and sexy men's underwear are a big part of the attraction for many of his fans. So it was a big deal when he brought his search for the next top model to New York City for the first time.
They created an Instagram account for Rincon under the handle, rincon_da_bully. The page, which features shots of the handsome
As aerie model Amber Tolliver told, "To recreate a human being using a computer process is a bit of an attack on
See the result of Beckford's efforts: As exhausting as that all seems, Beckford is committed to maintaining his unique image
In 2011, Elliott Sailors was a female model signed to the Ford agency. But by October of 2012, she decided to cut off her
The skincare treatment that took five years off his face: I just did microdermabrasion. I went to a spa by myself and I never
Jason Kanner: I think when you look at a fashion boy who's doing the Prada show and then the Ralph Lauren show here in New
You'd be surprised what you can do with a little table salt and Dove soap.
A woman working as a male model sounds like a pretty niche job. But model Casey Legler is getting noticed by all the major tastemakers in fashion -- including Vogue. Legler, who made headlines for being the first woman signed to Ford Models' male division, is featured in the May 2013 issue of Vogue under the headline "Gender Agenda."
"As far as I know, there are no other women exclusively modeling as male models," says Casey Legler.
Since being established, Jeffrey Fashion Cares has raised more than $11 dollars for its beneficiaries, with 90 percent of every dollar donated to the fight discrimination, support LGBT youth, provide life-saving services and education. 
The tradition stuck. And why not? Sex sells. The too-sultry aesthetic of these covers may seem a little outdated--does every
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This season, we armed native New Yorker Miles Garber, who could not be cuter, with a FlipVideo camcorder and set him loose
Read the rest at the Times or the Washington Post. Okay, so maybe it isn't that simple. Designer Michael Bastian adds: From
"James Bond is an icon of masculinity, so much so that he's become a sort of sex object -- just like the Bond girls he's
Gandy also revealed that when he was younger, "I got bullied quite a lot -- partly because I was quite fat for a while, and
"It's also, like comfort food, about the economy," he said. "Look back to movies during the Depression, and all you saw was
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