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The Affair Season 2 Premiere, Full Frontal Nude Scene (NSFW)
Naked women are, it seems, everywhere one turns -- so ubiquitous that the sight of them barely registers shock. But when's the last time you saw a naked man on the Internet, on a show, in a magazine?
In a fair and truly gender-equitable world, there would be an equal assortment of nude shots featuring both genders, and we wouldn't be conditioned to perceive of them as anything other than damn fine.
The disparate treatment of Janet Jackson and The Red Hot Chili Peppers reveals a gaping double standard. We like to think of ourselves as modern, but in 2014, nude male performers are considered sexy, while women doing the exact same thing are called sluts.
A still from "True Blood," one of the skin-happy modern shows that McBride says keeps his content flowing. Zac Efron's "side
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