Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

In Oregon, armed militia men show no sign of leaving the government building they seized last Saturday.
"I know what we did was right," Bundy said of his acquittal in the armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge.
Prosecutors were planning their next attempt to try those who took over the federal site in Oregon.
Guns brought by followers helped spread the anti-government message, he testified.
The occupation's accused ringleader wept as he recounted what he said was government mistreatment of his family.
Prosecutors allege that the men's intentions were not peaceful protest, but rather to confront the government over land.
Prosecutors are blurring the line between supporters and leaders of the Oregon occupation.
The small government advocates left behind a big, expensive mess for taxpayers.
The Nevada rancher was charged in federal court with conspiracy, assault on a federal officer and obstruction of justice.
Most of the people who occupied a federal wildlife refuge for a month will be defended at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.