mali violence

BAMAKO, Nov 28 (Reuters) - The United Nations said unknown attackers fired rockets at a U.N. peacekeeping base in Kidal in
BAMAKO, Nov 26 (Reuters) - Mali authorities arrested two people on Thursday suspected of links to an attack on a luxury hotel
The continued French intervention in Mali has helped stem terror's spread across West Africa.
At least five people were killed, military officials say.
"The Islamists were on motorbikes and some were on foot. They killed seven soldiers before they were chased out of the town
Northern Mali remains highly volatile two years after France led a U.N.-backed intervention to drive al Qaeda-linked militants
A vehicle exploded on Saturday morning next to the base in the village of Ber, about 60 km (40 miles) east of the desert
A judicial source said the site, a short drive north of the capital Bamako, contained 21 bodies. Another challenge he faces
Nevertheless, as French troops draw down, the incomplete effort to sweep Islamist fighters from the north and to broker a
When Islamic militants took over large swaths of northern Mali they forced the local inhabitants, who tend to follow moderate Sufi approaches to Islam, to accept a reactionary Taliban version of The Prophet's religion.