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Manhattan is awash with TV folks in town for the upfronts, the annual ritual in which the networks present their fall schedules to advertisers in hopes of wooing big bucks. It is too early to tell which network will be the big winner, but this year there is a clear loser: gay characters.
ABC has decided not to pick up the Reba McEntire-fronted comedy for Season 2. The series, which starred McEntire as a newly
"He's back east and doesn't get out to California much, so since we've moved to California, since the divorce, I hadn't heard
We'll have more from our interview with Shelton before his "Malibu Country" debut on March 1. "Malibu Country" airs Fridays
Blake Shelton is heading to "Malibu Country." In other casting news ... Wendy Williams is heading to "Law & Order: SVU." Williams
Jai Rodriguez, actor on ABC's 'Malibu Country' and part of the all-gay cast of 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy' talks with HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff about gay marriage.
MacGyver is heading to "Apartment 23." Richard Dean Anderson will cameo as himself in an upcoming episode of the ABC comedy
Watch the video below to see HuffPost TV's catch up with McEntire and Tomlin to find out why they chose to make this their
It seems like ABC wants warm n' fuzzy shows once again, trying to bring back some nostalgia by adding family-friendly comedies to cap off the end of the week. One is 'Malibu Country,' starring Reba McEntire. It's too bad the new shows are being written like it's still the '90s.
It's that time of year again: Time to break out the TV Guide and get ready for a weekly battle with your DVR. Here are the stats for the new network shows of the season calculated based on their previews and/or pilot episodes.