Malignant Melanoma

Melissa Breitbart and Melissa Papock explain why they want sunscreen in public schools.
Loeb says that while there was a greater statistical risk of developing malignant melanoma among erectile dysfunction drug
Despite these recent breakthroughs, there is no "one size fits all" treatment for patients with metastatic melanoma. Your medical oncologist (a doctor who specializes in treating cancer with medications) should consider the individual factors of your case to determine which drugs make the most sense for you.
"You should get that checked," I said. I'd had a melanoma when I was 50, roughly nine years ago. They caught it before it
That affordable vacation getaway might’ve been easy on the wallet, but researchers in the UK say cheap vacations can be harmful to your health.
"Getting sunburnt just once every two years can triple your risk of developing malignant melanoma and even reddening of the
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• Like Jane did, consider the patient's quality of life in evaluating possible treatments. • If someone in your family is
Although Lady Macbeth says "out damned spot" probably to a blood stain she thinks she has on her hands, it's a more damned
Cancer shows up in a toxic body. So to clean up, nourish and encourage it to work properly still seems completely logical to me.
Sunscreens absorb short-wave ultraviolet light, which is responsible for sunburn. However, they do nothing to block long-wave ultraviolet radiation which is the major cause of a skin cancer.