Mallory Hagan

The women spoke out after HuffPost reported on a shocking set of internal emails filled with misogynistic statements.
Internal correspondence reveals name-calling, slut-shaming and fat-shaming in emails between the Miss America CEO, board members and a pageant writer.
“She did not want to be rail-thin,” Maynard said. “She did it the right way: She did a lot of CrossFit, and she just ate
Mallory Hagan, crowned Miss America on Saturday, joined HuffPost Live Monday to discuss her thoughts on gun control, her
Following an impressive tap-dancing routine to James Brown's "Get Up Off of That Thing" on Saturday evening, 23-year-old
Miss America 2013 Mallory Hogan joins Ahmed to discuss her thoughts on gun control, eduction and breaking stereotypes associated with the competition.
Tears! Glitter! Tiaras!
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