When we cook with a spiritual compass, we are cooking with intention in order minimize waste and be as efficient as possible. In America, we throw away roughly 40 percent of our food, but if you truly know how to cook, you know how to reuse food throughout the week in order to reduce waste and be cost-efficient.
As the developing world because more urbanized, the "Western" diet is spreading all over the world -- and that's not a good thing.
Peter spoke softly, looking at the ground as he explained how he arrived at this displaced persons camp on the outskirts of Juba, capital city of the world's newest nation, South Sudan.
By 2050, the world's population will reach 9 billion -- and all will need nutritious diets. Yet despite the intrinsic relationship between the food we grow and the food we eat, the agriculture and nutrition sectors are only just now beginning to overcome decades of mutual isolation.
Indonesia has made great strides since we embraced the democratic system in 1998 and I believe, despite great challenges, we have a bright future ahead of us. To realize our nation's promise, however, we must first protect the fundamental rights of our people.