It's time to start paying much closer attention to permissions.
Yujing Zhang is accused of making a false statement to a federal officer and entering a restricted property.
Techies say don't blow it: Any 'Trojan horse' gadgets loaded with malware could access data from the hundreds of journalists at the summit.
“This could cause wide-scale damage to infrastructure systems that are vital.”
Pokémon Go was the smash hit of the summer, with more than 500 million players using their smartphones to chase Pokémon across
Phishing attacks succeed or fail depending on a number of factors, but the main one is the target's distraction level. Kids are not always the most mindful among us. This makes them targets for phishing scams.
Your computer company calls, claiming they've detected a virus on your PC and want to help you resolve the threat. You begin to worry and listen to the caller. What they are saying seems to make sense, but don't be so quick to follow their instructions.
For most entrepreneurs, the Internet and technology allows them to solve problems they come across. However, for some entrepreneurs like Marcin Kleczynski, the Internet and technology becomes the source of the problem one decides to take on.
Macs No Longer Immune to Attack Apple devices, once seemingly impossible to penetrate, will become the victim of heightened
Never have so many malicious software programs made their way past Apple's stringent app review process.
Ex-employees allege some of the orders came from the top.
For now, consumers are largely on their own when it comes to stopping cybercriminals. You can't rely on over-the-counter antivirus to stop any of the advanced persistent threats and malware that are becoming so commonplace today.