mamma mia

"Giuliani, here we go again, lie lie, how can we believe you?" the YouTube political comedian sings.
The “Mamma Mia” scene-stealer is releasing an album of ABBA cover songs — but, as she’ll tell you, she’s got a lot of other things on her mind.
The "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" star is set to release a new album, "Dancing Queen," next month.
The key to Cher’s legacy is that she’s in on the joke.
The "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again" star will be a "different" kind of dancing queen, however.
The trailer for the Mamma Mia sequel just dropped, and it has everything we could want, including Cher.
"Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!" is set to hit theaters next year.
Karen Mason first sang "It's About Time" at the 2011 wedding of two gay pals.
Never underestimate the value of these local productions. In case you are not familiar with the storyline, "Mamma Mia" unfolds
I was a fervent believer in the Early to Bed theory. At 630 p.m., I would have the children promptly eating their supper, and by 7p.m. they were bathed, in pjs and reading books while snuggling up with Mummy or Papà.
Facing a crowd that included his mother and brother as well as Tony Danza, next up for a run at the Café Carlyle, Alan Cumming reminded everyone that he would be hosting the Tony Awards with Kristen Chenoweth on Sunday night, admitting that he was "freaking out."
To Karen, size doesn't matter. She gives her all, regardless of whether she's performing in a vast symphony hall, in a Broadway theater or in this packed, 85-seat intimate club.