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Jason Momoa joins HuffPost Live and has some harsh (but playful) words for George R.R. Martin.
Jason Momoa talks about how he met his wife, Lisa Bonet.
Jason Momoa, best known as the warrior and head of the Dothraki in "Game of Thrones," is set to play Aquaman in the "Man
So how do you introduce Aquaman without his appearance feeling like an SNL skit? Here are a few ways.
While I'm certain the Man of Steel sequel will be a cash cow for the studio, I worry that the film will fall well short of fans' expectations and put the future of the DC Universe in jeopardy.
Too often in the past, we've seen them screw it refusing to invest female action heroes with humanizing nuance, by writing them as archetypes instead of as people. Broad caricatures who have to lose what makes them women in order to compete on the same playing field as men.
Superman and Batman are already facing off in the sequel to "Man of Steel," but will Wonder Woman join them? That has been
The news of Ben Affleck portraying Batman sparked more heated reactions than any casting decision in recent memory. Which
Ever since last week Batman fans, and seemingly most superhero fans, are all reeling from disbelief from the latest casting announcement for the Batman role in the sequel to Man of Steel.
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