There's one big difference between the two roles, says LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.
I coined the term "Accidental Manager" to describe a person who falls into a supervisory role without the least qualifications to oversee the work of others, I was one. This has become an epidemic in America, and a very expensive one.
Rather than offering the parking spot to an employee with mobility issues, or raffling your spot off each month at a staff meeting, or awarding the spot to your best performer, you actually park your car in the parking spot. This is a clear signal that you don't get it.
We got into Abraham's car and charted our course for that spot that is so holy during Ramadan: IHOP.
You've been waiting for this. You've put in hours of work, smiled through thousands of late nights, and taken on extra work in an effort to prove your mettle.  So when she utters those glorious words -- "I'm promoting you to manager" -- you think you might actually die of happiness.
The best kept secret about millennials is that it is easy to manage them in the work place. You just have to be their coach and not their manager. And frankly, most Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers would prefer to be coached than managed too!
So what is a Millennial? And, what is all the fuss about? It seems as though every article written about the future of the workforce involves some discussion about Millennials. You can't discuss social media, TV viewing habits or the state of the workforce without an in-depth analysis of this group. Can one group really command this much attention? The answer is a resounding yes. So again, who are they?
Gittelson is determined and will do anything it takes in good measure so he reached out to one of his mentors who happens
Even if you believe that you have the most addle-brained boss in the world, and this is the only way she can be helped, your
Employees worry that taking "too much" vacation will affect their reputation, create a pile of work when they return and cause projects to fail in their absence. But, not using vacation is even more harmful to you, your career, your company, your relationships, and your health.