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No word on what the suspect was listening to do before the alleged attack.
The company confirmed the former White House communications director was temporarily locked out of his account for violating its abusive behavior policy.
One Twitter user speculated Trump’s voicemail stated, “Since you were kicked out and didn’t hear me finish talking about how great I am, let me give you a recap.”
Trump's 2020 campaign could feature dueling slogans.
"How can someone be so cruel to put an animal in your oven? Cooking it alive?”
The commission’s second meeting looks as if it will confirm the fears of critics, who say the probe will lead to voter suppression.
Manchester, New Hampshire, is the center of politics in 2016. It's also home to a nasty heroin epidemic.
MANCHESTER, New Hampshire (Reuters) - New Hampshire lawmakers unexpectedly rejected a bill on Wednesday that would have made